Money is a Drug Worth Quitting

Money drives us.

As much as it is a wonder, money (and lack thereof) is a crutch to us.  We spend the majority of our childhood and adolescence being taught that we need to get good grades, to get into competitive schools, to get a high paying job, to retire and live as a free man at the ripe age of 65.

But why?

Why would anyone in their right mind spend the ages of 0-18 in school, graduate and spend another 4 years in college, only to work from the age of 22-65.  At that point, you may retire but you are too old, weak, and frail to really do much anymore.

Money is addicting.

Like a drug, money entices us and becomes too addicting to quit.  We forever want more and more of it.  It beacons to us and tells us that we can use it to obtain just a little bit of euphoria, even if it only lasts moments.

Money allows us to buy things we don’t need to impress people we don’t care about.

We trade the precious little time we have on this Earth in the pursuit of material pleasures that deny us from seeking true happiness and financial freedom.  Then as quick as we earn it, as much as we hoard it, money seems to slip away from our fingertips. The high is gone.

We start over. The cycle repeats. And before you know it, we are all 65.

My goal is to teach you about a better path to take, to break this vicious cycle. This path will take you toward financial independence and early retirement so that you may spend the rest of your life doing something you actually want to do.

It’ll be a long and tedious journey. It’ll be hard. Nothing in life is easy.

The Frugal Muscle is about one man’s journey toward that goal. We will learn how to quit, together.